Justice Scale


We provide documents and instructions you need to file in your respected states. Click below for more information. 




Objectively speaking, we would like to provide you with the tools to give yourself a second chance. The expungement, reduction and dismissal process is a lengthy one and requires that you have bee out of trouble for a substantial amount of time. In order to take advantage of these very real opportunities you want to have stayed productive and free of the judicial system for anywhere from 5-10 years.
The doors we slammed on ourselves by way of poor life decisions are life long hindrances; until now. I will not profess that all our rights will be restored, but traveling out of the country and voting and apartments and job opportunity will open up. 
Take advantage of this opportunity. Take the initiative and get your record straightened out for good. 
We will provide the paperwork and instructions, but you have got to do the foot work. Like adding attachments, having your petitions notarized, ordering a copy of your criminal record etc.
Click the link to find qualifications in your designated state. EVEN IF YOU SEEM UNQUALIFIED, IT IS BETTER TO DO AND FAIL THEN FAIL TO ATTEMPT.
If you're ELIBIGLE and/or have faith in things you cannot see or understand, want to get your life back and back in order purchase the EXPUNGEMENT, REDUCTION, AND DISMISSAL PACKS.
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