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Updated: Jan 13

No matter how much I'd like to change the world in a forward developmental fashion, it costs. My granny used to tell me all the time "I pay the cost to be the boss". I thought she just stole a line from Snoop Dogg, but in reality she footed the bill. She understood what it meant be responsible and live her life the right way. She has never hesitated to tell you that "she won't support no mess". I am doing my best to foot the bill to make the necessary changes in our country, but it is tough and expensive. I am on a humble teacher's salary and I am doing all I an to encourage and exercise change without hearing a mouthful from my wife, lol. Making investments in the form of blind faith doesn't always hold over well with the Mrs. if you can understand what I mean. WE need help. WE need guidance. WE need you. If you never take the time to read this I totally understand. IF you take the time to read this, we are half way there. If you take the time to invest in the vision it could give a shirt to a kid who doesn't have one or a pair of sneakers to a girl who loves to hoop. Money Talks isn't just a Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen Movie, it's reality. Money Talks and I pray the funds spread and reach the nation, rises awareness, and enlightens the consciousness.

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